The Education Committee meets monthly to discuss interesting, applicable, and valuable topics for BOMA Membership.  The topics are presented at Membership Meetings and provide continuing education credits for members.  Committee members make a special effort to consider what topics will not only be popular, but also help ensure that Greater Saint Paul BOMA provides significant and valuable information to its members. 

 The committee is diverse, and includes property managers and service providers from many different occupations.  This diversity creates a broad range of contacts across a large scope of topics and expertise, resulting in the infusion of new and fresh subjects and ideas for the benefit of the members.

 The Education Committee is open to all BOMA Members. Please feel free to contact Heide Kempf-Schwarze ([email protected]) or Kori DeJong ([email protected]) if you have any questions or would like to join.  The committee always welcomes visitors!



Heide Kempf-Schwarze                                         Kori DeJong                                                        
CPM & RPA - Unilev Management                          Wellington Management                                     
Co-Chair                                                                      Co-Chair                                                               
651-229-2800                                                            651-999-5540                                                         
[email protected]                                   [email protected]        



Melissa Hicks                                                             Denise McCormick 
American Security and Investigations                   Schafer Richardson
651-644-1155                                                             612-289-5805
[email protected]                          [email protected]


Shawn Wiski                                                      Mike Soukup                                                                                                      
Kraus Anderson                                                 ServiceMaster Recovery Management 
612-255-2423                                                    651-470-6804
[email protected]              [email protected] 

Robyn Plum 
Wellington Management 
[email protected]